Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monday Minutes Challenge

Here's my entry for this week's Monday Minutes Challenge!

The one thing that was destroying me was the very thing I couldn’t seem to let go of. The room seems to spin. Pain shoots through my arm. Despite that, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She shoves me forward.  I shield my face with hands, knowing I can’t hurt her. Flashbacks capture my attention. She saved me. She loved me when no one else did. Now she was trying to kill me.

Before I can run, she grabs my wounded arm and thrusts me on the floor. All the hope that remained while she was like this is gone. My eyes close as I feel the weight of her body on my chest. I should stop breathing now, give up.

“Well, that didn’t take too long,” the sound of her voice makes my skin cringe.  “I actually thought it’d be more of a challenge.”

I can’t look her in the eyes. This is how the good guy feels when he’s betrayed by his best friend. The most horrible thing about this is that she didn’t betray me. This is my fault. I did this to her. Because of me, she’ll do the thing the real Addie hated the most. Killing the innocent. She will know no alternative.  There will be no escape from the evil inside of her.

Something pursues me to look into her eyes. “Don’t worry, Dominic. It won’t hurt that much.”  The voice that used to call me out of the darkness was now sharp and hateful. She raised the knife

No matter what the case, I believe somewhere inside, she was there.  I couldn’t die now. I couldn’t leave her like this. I’m the only person who can bring her back. My hand stretches out and grasps the knife in her hand.
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Hope you like it!
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  1. I absolutely LOVE this, Sarah!! It's amazing! Good job!! =D

    TW Wright


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