Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Great Beginning... And the Horrifying Now.

Miley Cyrus has been quite a popular topic this week.

Her performance at the VMAS (MTV Music Video Awards) was with Robin Thickie  was apparently really bad. Everyone is talking about it, from secular critics to my local Christian radio station broadcaster. Yes, it was that bad. Parents are upset because that used to be the girl that their younger children looked up to on Hannah Montana. Other comments talk about having nightmares with her... front and center. Just like it has been since Sunday.

First of all, I would like to confess, that though I didn't watch this performance, but did see a few pictures, I am disgusted. But not surprised for three reasons.

1. This is VMAs we're talking about here. MTV! A lot of really terrible things happen at this award show.

2. She did a duet with Robin Thicke. His #1 video was blocked by Youtube! I don't even want to say why!

3. This is Miley Cyrus. Sure, she was good on Hannah Montana. She was great until those pictures got out about three years ago. But let's face the sad truth: That girl died. Because if you look at her back in 2009 and get a glimpse of her now. Oooo... big difference. It's sad. She's sad. She's so vain. I remember reading her autobiography a few years ago. I saw the Psalms written in it. She talked about God and how He did great things in her life. I don't know what happened, but her story is a warning. When you get older, you change. There's no way around it. Only you can decide how you want to change. You have to surround yourself with godly influences. I've heard stories like this, not about celebrities. It can happen to anyone, even you.

Okay, enough about that. Actually, the reason I'm taling about this is because I wanted to review her new song. Her album, Bangerz, (does it surprise me that I can't even pronounce that word?), is available for preorder. Not that I would want to preorder it! Six of those songs are explicit and you can tell by the album cover that this isn't very good.

'Wrecking Ball' is the lastest song by her. Though it is nothing like 'We Can't Stop', which talks about partying and taking drugs. It's more serious. It takes about a relationship, a relationship in which Miley is determine is make work, even if she has to force him into it.

Stating out, the song goes into a soft, haunting tune with Miley singing in a narrative. We see right away how violent this relationship is. "We clawed/We chained our hearts in vain." Also sexual. "We kissed/I fell under your spell/A love no one can deny."

She confesses that though this is a broken relationship, it was much more than it seemed. "Don't you ever say/I just walked away/I will always love you." Now she sings against what she seems to be already doing. "I can't live a lie/Running for my life/I will always love you."

Here comes her meatopher as the song builds up to a very powerful chorus. "I came in like a wrecking ball/I never hit so hard in love," she confesses. "All I wanted to do was break your walls, but you broke me."

Also, she sowerfully sings of how the relationship ended. "I put you high up in the sky/And now you're not coming down/It slowly turned/You let me burn/And now, we're ashes in the ground."

Miley did love this boy, so much she wanted to 'break his walls.' Some people, when their hearts have been broken before, have 'walls' when they get into other relationship. They're reluctant, shy, and sometimes even scared. 'Walls' is a popular metaphor in music.

But this song doesn't just talk about just another, regretful, sowerfull relationship. I'm afraid it is much more. The bridge hints to what could have been emotional, and even sexual abuse. Who's doing the abusing? Apparently right now, it's Miley. She even admits to being wrong about the way she 'came in like a wrecking ball'. "I never meant to start a war/I just wanted you to let me in/Instead of using force, I guess I should have let you in."

It is unclear who's fault this was. She went too far, and the boy gave it right back to her. The mentions towards a destructive, and perhaps abusive relationship come in multiple lines and ultimately, the whole idea of the song. "You wrecked me," she tells her ex-lover. 

This song has a way better message than 'We Can't Stop.' (And it doesn't want to make me puke every time I hear it) It was well written, and it was honest. But it seems as if these lovers were just abusing each other. The sad fact is that Miley meant well, and it started with something as simple as a kiss.

It's a warning. Things might start innocently enough, but they have a destructing end. Just like Miley's career. It started so innocently with Hannah Montana. Now it's gone viral... for the wrong reasons.

One thing's for sure. Miley has demolished all the trust, and respect she had from her old fans and their parents. She has pulled the final straw, and now Hannah Montana, her autobiography, and her Christian faith, has turned into memories, memories that are slowly fading away.

It's funny. Whenever I hear a song like 'We Can't Stop', my first reaction is gag! But once I realize that person is someone I used to look up to, my feeling of disgust turns to sadness. It really is sad because things might have a great beginning, but with Hollywood, you never know how it's going to end.

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