Friday, August 23, 2013

Katy Again/Something I've Been Thinking About

I'm going to post about some things I've been thinking about due to very recent happenings in my life.

To start off, some friends of mine are moving and others have already moved. I don't know... Some of it caught be by surprise and I was like, "Okay what's going on here?"

A few of these friends that have moved or are moving because they feel like God is telling them to. I want to say first that they are incredibly faithful beyond belief and it is a honor to know them!

Though the surprises dazed me for a while, I started thinking about me. Would I do that for God? Would I leave everything I know behind and be not even sure where I'm going?

This question ties with another question, a question that we might think we know the answer to, but really, we might not. This question you might try to avoid, but it always comes back to you. It expects so much out of you. It takes you places you don't want to go, but you have to answer it.

Who am I living for?

Until recently, I've never been into Katy Perry. You guys might have read my review to her new song 'Roar.' To the you the truth, I liked it, a lot. It speaks to me so much. The first few lines are who I am. Because if you know me in person, you know I am SUPER shy. Sometimes I accept myself for who I am. Other times, I wish I was more sociable and confident.  So in a way, this song represents (in a less extreme way), who I want to be.

Has does Katy Perry have to do with this post?

Well, actually, you might not know this, but Perry has a song called, 'Who Am I Living For?'. Though I'd heard of it and I knew it was spiritual, I really hadn't listen to it until recently.

The song, though is very techno and sounds a little weird, the lyrics are very convicting and really sound like their influenced by something spiritual. Like the line, "So I pray for favor like Ester/I need your strength to handle this pressure."

But it is so powerful and relating because everyone, at a point in their life, is faced with question. It is definitely of the most important questions in your life. It influences how you think, how you feel, and your goals in life. But... the answer is... that there is only one thing worth living for.

"I am ready for the road less traveled," Katy sings. "I can hear the heavens/But I still see the flames/Calling out my name."

Have you ever been through a moment like this? Where you know what's right, but you can still hear the your flesh's voice calling you out, saying, "Com back to me. It isn't worth it. None of it is."

I have. I remember almost going towards the flames, even attempting my sin again, but before I could get into it, God found me.. I had turned my back on Him, but He was still there, even though I wasn't worth going back for. But He still did. Because His love is unstoppable and no matter the world tells you, no matter what Satan tells you, no matter what happens in your life,  I know, with all my heart, that He is the only one who is worth living for.

Even if it means going away and leaving everything behind. That's why I admire those people in my life, instead of thinking they're crazy. Because I truly believe, that though I might wander from God, He never wanders from me. So He deserves for us to follow Him.

Though Miss Perry has made it unclear who she is living for, I know who I am living for. I hope you do too. Some of you might have heard this before, but I hope to have remind you (and me) about it.

In Christ,

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