Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reasons Why I Love To Write

Hello friends! Are you all in the Christmas spirit yet? I know I am. We've been watching at least two Christmas movies per week nowadays. Oh, and the music! Beautiful tunes that never get old around the season.

Today, I'm posting my entry into Tessa Emily Hall's contest. She asked us to post a blog post, video, or picture about the reasons why we love to write. It's still not too late enter it, even though my entry is late. Tessa is one of my favorite authors. Purple Moon is a masterpiece.

1. Writing gives depth to everything.
To me, everything shines brighter because of writing. I honestly don't think I would have the greatest connection to music, like I do now, without writing. Every time I listen to a song, I picture a scene in my story. This not only makes the scene come alive, but the song connect to me. It's like that with so many other things. I read about a situation in the news and imagine what a story about it. I see people, places, other kinds of art and use that in my writing. Inspiration is literally everywhere you look. What's amazing is that a whole world, characters, and a plot can come from one simple idea. Writing makes me appreciate everything more than I ever would have without it.

2. Writing makes life more exciting.
Before I became a dedicated writer, I used to read about action books and wish I could have an exciting life like that. I wanted to go on quests, have powers, and solve mysteries. But about two years into my writing life, I realized I didn't need that. I don't need an adventurous life when I can create something just as exciting and breathtaking in my own mind. Thinking of a new story idea is like going on a new adventure. There's things you have to figure out and create. You never know what can come out of it.

3. No matter if it's published or not, my stories are always close to my heart.
There are some things that I have written that I have doubt will ever be published, but I still love anyway. I get attached to the characters like they are real people. No, it isn't my best work, but it was so much fun to write them that I can never let them go. I see myself in the characters. I see how much I've improved. Sometimes reading my old work can be embarrassing, but there are some stories that I will never detele.

4. Writing can be inspirational to anyone.
Any kind of writing can be inspirational, depending on how you make it. Sure, fictional didn't really happen, but it still impacts people. Once, I listened to a lecture where he  was speaking about the importance of literature. He explained that great literature helps us with our choices. When were are faced with a dangerous choice,  but it might help others, we can bring ourselves to make the right decision  because of the stories. Because of the brave men and women living in our heads who might be creatures of our imagination, but in truth, there are much more. Writing comes alive in a way nothing else can.  The best writing stays with you forever.

5. Words are powerful
 Consider this: Words is one of the most powerful things on earth. Think about it. You can accomplish almost anything with words---build someone up, tear another down, make someone realize something.  Words have saved some and destroyed others. They do not have to be true to be deadly or impacting. We can make the decision to change the world in either good or bad ways, just by using words. That blows my mind.  It really is a responsibility. We can glorify God and tell people of the truth. Words are a gift from God.

6. Writing is my voice.
Okay, I am not a girl of many talents. I am not the least bit athletic or coordinated. I'm clumsy. With many things, I'm a slower learner. But writing has become something that I adore, no matter what. Before I wrote, I was shy and insecure. To this day, I still am a bit. But when I started writing, I realized how important was to express your art and opinion. I evolved and now know that I don't have to be in the background. I talk to people, even strangers, better now. I have realized the importance of words and expressing yourself, no matter what people think. Writing is a wonderful gift from God and I am honored that He has given it to me.

Well, that's it. I hope you've enjoyed it. Remember it's still not too late to enter my critique giveaway. Thanks to all those who did!


  1. ooh yes. This is exactly why I write :)

    xo Arushee // Unadorned Gifts

  2. That's a summary of an Art Appreciation class about writing - very well put. Daddioso, PopStar and former MLB player


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