Friday, December 26, 2014

Hello again:) (Giveaway Winners:)

Hello, peoples! I hope you all the best Christmas ever. I apologize for my absence. I decided to take an unannounced blogging break. I felt like I needed one since other than vacation, I've never had one. Where did you go for Christmas? What did you get? One of my gifts was Moriah Peter's CD, Brave. Oh, that album is amazing. She's a dedicated Christian. You can totally hear it in her music. Here's my favorite song by her, the title track.

Alright, I guess I shouldn't keep you in suspense any longer. Here are the giveaway winners!

Maddie Jay and Mikayla!

Congrats! I'll email you in the next couple of days. If you didn't win, I hope to host a giveaway similar to this in the near future. So hold on for that.

Merry Christmas, people!

I'll fight like a soldier
Rise like a warrior
Won't stop till the final day
I want to be stronger
Gonna be bolder
Look up and I see the way
You make me brave


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In Christ,