Saturday, August 9, 2014

Beautiful Blog Award

Hello, my name is Sarah and I like warm hugs. Before I do anything, I want to thank everyone for the sweet complements on my poem. You guys are great encouragements to me!

Two awesome girls tagged me for the Beautiful Blog Award. Rachel and Emily were gracious enough to tag me with this award. Be sure to check out their amazing blogs:)

 -Answer the questions given to you
-Nominate others and pose questions for them to answer
-Tell the nominees that you've nominated them.

Here's Emily's questions:
1. Which fictional character are you most like? (be honest!)
Hmm... okay, I'll have to say two. One, is Ellie from the amazing Ellie Sweet Series just because I'm shy, awkward and I'm a writer. And two, (and I think I'm most like this character), is Anna from Frozen. Seriously, I am extremely clumsy, terribly awkward, and very delirious when it comes to love. In fact, it's hard for my brain to believe that someone would be mean enough to lie to me.

2. What made you want to start blogging?
Well, I am a writer and I love to write. It's my means of survival, along with reading and music.
3. Where does your blog name come from?
I had a few seconds to think of a name before we left to go to my brother's baseball game. Suddenly, Carrie Underwood's song, "Forever Changed" popped into my mind. I thought, since I had rededicated my life to Jesus the day before, that those were the perfect words to describe me.
4. What is your least favorite subject at school?
Hmm... probably my English last year. Normally, I love English, but the book was basically saying what I already knew.
5. Favorite name for a girl? For a boy?
Elsa! Something about that name is just awesome. For a boy, I have to say Peeta. I'm naming my first boy, Peeta. Yes, I'm a nerd.
6.Where would you like to live when you grow up?
My dream city is Nashville.
7. If you could live in any fictional universe, which one would it be?
Probably Percy Jackson's mythology world. That was very cool.

Loved these questions, Emily! Thank you!

Rachel's questions:

1. Are you a Loki or Captain America fangirl?
A little bit of both. I love everything about Cap, his character, power, etc. But I only love Loki because...well... he's Loki. That explains itself.

2. If you could have any animation for the rest of your life, who or what would you choose? (Like Minions, Buzz, Dory, etc.)
If you have followed my blog for a few months, you can likely guess my answer. OLAF! and the Minions. I love them.

3. Your thoughts on Prince George? I think he's ridiculously adorable! His cheeks are another story. o.o
Like all babies, absolutely adorable.

4. Favorite time era for Hollywood? (Because I can't resist, mine's the 1960's!)
I don't know anything about time eras. Music wise, it would have to be now. I'm not into old songs.

5. Have you ever tried any DIYs? If so, what was it?
Bernie could talk to you about that. I'm not much of DIY person.
6. What inspires you most?
Stories and music. But mostly music. I recently got an idea after watching Once Upon a Time and listening to a intense song.

7. Favorite song at the moment?
I have a few actually. "Somebody to You" by The Vamps and "Waiting for Superman" by Daughtry. Plus, "Forever and Always" by Taylor Swift.

8. What's one instrument you really want to learn how to play?
I have a quite a few. Guitar and violin.

9. Are you excited for school to start up? If so, why?
I am. I'm going to take a British Literature class, which I am very excited for. Plus, I'm homeschooled and I'm taking an actual science class. I'm a little nervous, but it will be fun.

10. Favorite sport to watch/play?
Baseball. I stink at it, but I love to watch it. Our whole family is a little obsessed with the game. They've worn off on me over the years.

11. One place you want to visit?
London, England!
12. Favorite perfume?
"Wonderstruck" by Taylor Swift!
13. Do you like stars or clouds better?
I adore them both, but I would have to say stars.

My Questions:
1. Who is your favorite Avenger? OR do you prefer Loki?
2. Who is your least favorite singer/band?
3. What is your favorite book you've read this year?
4. What fictional character do you want to smack upside the face the most?
5. Your main writing inspiration?
6.  Who was your role model as a child? (Fictional characters count)
7. If you could ask your favorite character one question, what would you ask?
8. What annoys you the most? A series with a bad ending or movies based on books that don't follow the movie at all?
9. What musical artist would you like to see in concert?
10. What thing are you looking forward to most this year?

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And if, by any chance, you don't want to do the tag because I've nominated for too many things, by all means, do not feel obligated. I understand. I also want to nominate all my followers. Only, I cannot put all your links because my computer is slow. Plus, anyone else who wants to do it.


  1. Thank you for doing this! Lovely answers! ^.^

  2. Thank you so much for tagging me :) I had so much fun answering your questions!


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