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5 Books I Read that were Disappointing

I'm sorry I haven't posted the pictures yet. I wrote a post on my Blogger app, but for some reason, it's not posting. So I'll have to figure out a way to get the pictures off my iPod onto the computer, which might take some time now that school's starting.

But to hold you off until then, I'm writing this post. I really should call it: 5 books where I set the bar way too high and was miserably disappointed. But hey, that's too long.

Because I liked these stories. I'm not discouraging from reading them. (Well, except a few maybe) But when I read these books, I was super excited. As a result, I put up high standards for these books and they weren't met completely. Some of these I didn't finish, though I wish I could have. I will explain below how this worked.

1. The Serpent's Shadow, by Rich Riordan, book three in the Kane Chronicles Series.

I never expected this series to be as great as the Percy Jackson. Of course, the two books before this one were great. Not as awesome as Percy Jackson, but still a good read. But this book exploded a bit. Like The Last Olympian, I expected to have a thrilling climax and final battle. What I got was something much less. T hey spent so much time preparing for the final battle that when it actually happened, it fizzed out. And the love triangle conclusion.... one of the most weirdest things I've ever read.

2. Divergent by Veronica Roth
Okay, I know, many of you amazing reads love this book. And I want to say, I love it too. I loved almost everything about it. So why am I putting this on my list? Because when I got hyped up to read it, I read from her blog that Ms. Roth is a professing Christian. I'm not saying she isn't a Christian, but I figured that the book would at least be a little more clean than it was. Translation: Tris and Tobias. It wasn't so much the fact that they did what they did. What bugged me was that the"scenes" went out for too long. No, they didn't go all the way and I can give them that. But they hinted that they would. Apparently, it gets worse too. My cousin complained about the second and he's not a Christian. I know not all Christians believe that kissing before marriage is wrong, but they did more than just kiss.

3. Prodigy by Marie Lu
This book was a sequel to Legend. Legend was hands-down amazing. It wasn't squeaky clean, but it was decent. The characters, the plot, the excitement... just awesome. As you imagine, I was more than excited to get into the series and couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. I got 100+ pages into it before putting it down. There were two gay characters. The first one I could live with since it was a little reverent to the plot. But the second guy.... Not. Needed. At. All.  Sadly, I stopped then.

4. The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.
Once again, I'm not discouraging you from reading these books. All I'm saying is that I was disappointed. These books were good. But I heard they were better than the Percy Jackson series. They weren't. I understand. It's hard to live up to such awesomeness. The main reason is because they were too many couples. Not all couples can be as sweet as Percy and Annabeth, but it felt all the romance was rushed between the others. I've only read the first three books of this series.

5. The Death Cure by James Dashner, the conclusion to The Maze Runner trilogy.
I'm putting this last because I believe this is the worst. Here's my summary opinion of this series: The first one was great. The second one was okay. And the third one was... horrible. It wasn't writing style. The last thing it had was a dull plot. The violence was horrifyiing. My favorite character, who if he had to die, deserved a heroic death, passed away in the worst way possible. I'm not exaggerating. At least The Hunger Games characters died protecting someone. I didn't even understand the ending.

I didn't hate of any of these books, excluding the last one. For one reason or another, I was disappointed with these novels. Because of the plot, not the writing. This will all lead up to the point of this post, which I will write later.

In other news, I survived my first day of high school? How about you? What books did you read this year that were disappointing one way or another? I'd love to hear them. If anyone would like to write a post like this, I highly encourage it.


  1. The only one on this list that I have read is Divergent...and I agree with you! I think Tobias and Tris could have had a better relationship...or the scenes could have been changed a little bit :) I do think that the book itself wasn't as good as people portrayed to be. Divergent was probably my favorite book out of the three books: the last two were a huge disappointment.
    I'm so glad that you survived your first day at high school...tomorrow will be my 10th day, and the homework load is already huge!

    1. Yeah! I agree! Good luck with school! I had a pretty smooth day today.

  2. I agree with you Lauren! Even though I loved Divergent, I hated the romance in it! There's a way to be settle about stuff like that, but Roth chose to extremely in depth with it.

  3. Yes! The scenes were drawn out way too long.

  4. I have to agree with you on all of these points!

    The triangular romance in the Serpent's Shadow, that was really confusing. When you're loving someone, you're supposed to be in love with one person, and one person only, and how they concluded that in the House of Hades... it just left me all like, "Whaaaa?" Like a minion GIF. :)

    Prodigy was okay, but Champion totally made up for that. Like, I was crying over the ending and then I got my teacher to read the series which caused her to be super cranky and have her hunt me down to proclaim that I made her forget her lunch at home since she spent her time reading the book all night long for it being that good. I guess it's hard to read the Death Cure and the Heroes of Olympus series because of all of the hype that people have said about the books. That's what happened with me for Divergent.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Yes. When people make such a big deal over books, you tend to have high expectations. Of course, when they aren't met, it makes you critical of the book.
      In Christ,


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