Friday, July 11, 2014

What We Don't Do

In this world, we receive things like honor or shame because of what we do. How we live. We are judged but what we do. What we do forms our reputation. Our reputation affects how people think of us.

It makes sense. However, sometimes it's different. At times, we are judged by what we don't do.

How many times have you had this kind of conversation with your friend? They bring up some form of entertainment that's popular on the media at the moment. A few minutes into the conversation you admit you're not allowed to see or read it. They immediately say things like, "What? Why not? It's awesome!"

If I got a dollar every time someone freaked out when I told them I wasn't allowed to watch The Hunger Games (though I'm allowed to read the books), I'd probably be rich. The truth is, we are judged by what we don't do. You don't watch so-and so? You don't date?

I'm sure you've been through something like that before. The sad truth is, people form their opinions of us when they see what we don't do. We are told to take risk and be daring. Everyone says to live in the moment, but really our biggest mistakes can be made when we do. If we don't know the latest trends, we are seen as weird.

 We should put what God wants us to do as the number one priority. He doesn't care about the trends we follow or the clique we're in. He'd rather us follow his commandments than win the approval of our friends.

But let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious. 1st Peter 3:4
In truth, we have to realize the insignificance of our friends' approval before we can put God's will for our lives as our main concern. It brings us down. We all live to look good in front of people. If we focus on that more than we should, we will never be satisfied with ourselves.
Which is why God tells us that He is jealous. He wants us to live for Him, despite anything that might get in our way. Don't get me wrong. We can't do it. I fail miserably every day. But Jesus redeems me every day as well.
Do you struggle with trying to win other people's approval? What helps you when you find yourself caught up in it? Comment!
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