Friday, July 11, 2014

Monday Minute Challenge

This is SUPER late, but here's my Monday Minute Challenge based on this picture. 299 words.

The second I look forward, my heart nearly stops. It had only been two, three… maybe five minutes at the most since I’d left. I couldn’t see the flames from this far away then. Now it burns above the trees, spreading uncontrollably It seems impossible for the fire to spread that fast.

But it had. And it was my fault.

“Diamond!” a voice broke through my thoughts. I want to look up at her, but I can’t take my eyes off what I’ve done, the mistake I made. “Diamond!”

I have to. In a moment, I turn to see Dephi, running towards me. Her torn dress flies in the wind. A spot of dry blood sticks to her pale cheek. Words come in my mouth, but they refuse to leave it. Something’s wrong. Worse than the fire.

She stops in front of me to catch her breath. Her chest moves up and down. “Adam… saw the fire,” she spits out, grasping her knees. “H-he thought you were in there so he ran to go get you.” Dread creeps up me, ready to pounce. No. “He hasn’t come back, Diamond.”

Before I can stop myself, I rip the crown of flowers out of my hair. I hear a faint scream and deicide that it must be my own. Not Adam. He went in there. For me. Why?

I want to collapse in grief. It would be in vain. He would die, suffocate, burn up. Adam. So strong and loving. He didn’t deserve such a horrible death.

I can’t leave him to die. Especially since I caused it. I am sure of one thing now. I don’t want to die knowing I hadn’t tried to save him.

Blocking out Dephi’s cries, I run towards the fire. Already, I feel the heat.

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