Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Monday Minute Challenge

Here's my entry for the Monday Minute Challenge. I'm doing the sentence prompt, I know if I look back it would only make it worse, but I couldn’t help myself. I look back. 295 words

I creep inside the cave. Dim torches lighten it. Instead of looking at the path, my eyes dart to and fro, trying to find Josiah. He has to be here. I open my mouth to call his name, but stop myself. It was too dangerous.

A little stone bounces off my bare feet. I lose my balance and fall forward. Before I hit the ground, my hands grasp on a rock. I pull myself back up. When I stand, something causes me to slip. It’s the heartbreaking sound. His scream.

“I know you’re here!” he yells. His shadow looms over the wall. “Stay away from me!”

I stagger forward. “Josiah.” Now that I say his name, dread fills me.

“No, Breeze!” he screams, voice echoing off the rocks. “I can’t control it anymore. I’ll hurt you.” His voice cracks. I imagine his hazel tear filled eyes and trudge on, despite his warning.

He comes into the light. I feel his fire from here. In minutes, I know I’ll have no choice but to leave. I look into his eyes. “Josiah, I can’t leave you.”

“You must,” he says, backing away from me. “Hurry. I can’t hold him off much longer.”

My eyes widen. His skin begins to glow. “What’s going on?” I whisper. Fear causes me to tremble.          

“Go!” he screams, falling to his knees.

A hot force knocks me over. I gasp for air. The truth comes upon me. I have to leave him. I struggle to my feet, but can’t find the will to run. I know if I look back it would only make it worse, but I couldn’t help myself. I looked back…

…Just in time to see flames—Josiah’s fire— shooting from a distance.  I dash towards the way out.


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  2. I love your writing! God has given you an amazing talent! I love writing...but I'm not sure I'm very good at it :)

    1. Thank you! I read some of your writing... Very convicting:)


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