Thursday, September 10, 2015

This. Is. Me.

What up, friends?

Okay, let's not live in denial. I have been a terrible blogger lately. Go figure. I literally have no excuse, other than I have a serious case of Blogger's Block. I need to get Ellie to guest post on here once in a blue moon. Would you like that?

Well, anywho, did any notice that a few weeks ago, Forever Changed has 50 FOLLOWERS! I did! And I am beyond happy about it. I LOVE YOU GUYS! I have literally poured my heart on this blog and I cannot count all the times you have encouraged me in so many ways.

Since I can't seem to finish a normal blog post idea, I have decided to write a list of five facts about me. Some of you guys might not know me that well and it's been awhile since I've done a tag-like post. This is perfect timing! I'll start with the well-known facts and lead into the odder ones.

1. I write. A lot. Writing just comes more naturally to be than anything does. I am a nervous public and am shy and awkward most of the time, but give me a keyboard or a notebook and I can actually write things that sound good! Funny, huh? Thank you, God, for giving me that gift! Expect for this blog, I rarely write about anything real, mostly modern and occasional fantasy fiction. But I always try to put the things I'm learning about life in anything I write. Currently, I am focused on writing a trilogy with my best friend. It has to be the most fun project I've ever done.

2. Music is my life. Apart from writing, music is my passion. Though I play piano, I mostly love to listen to music, since I like pretty much anything. Music is such a unique to express any kind of feeling. It touches me unlike anything else can. As you all know by now, my favorite singer is Taylor Swift. Her music has become so different over the years, yet it remains to be so heartfelt and beautiful.

3. I could not live without my #squad. Technically, my squad is composed of my brother and sister, Ellie and Danny,  plus two of our friends, also sisters, Mila and Ellie. But we consider them to be family. Every time we see each other, whether ten minutes or ten hours, is a blast. And the time we are apart, whether been two hours or two weeks, feels like forever. We make movies, do support groups, and occasionally have insiginificant arguments. But ultimately, we are the best of friends and canot function properly without each other.

4.  I can cook! I am literally so excited about this fact because I only just learned it this summer. My mom had knee replacement surgery so Ellie and I had to step in with our talents. Ellie's nickname is "Cooker" so she's been known as the chef prodigy of the family. But I started cooking meals on a regular basic and I've learned that I'm good at it. My favorite food is soup so I make a LOT of that. This year, I've craved sour cream and as a result, anything I cook has sour cream.
5. I believe in absolute truth. Obviously, by the blog header, you probably guessed that this blog is Christ-inspired. But behind that,  I believe in absolute truth. It is a fact that true for everyone in any circumstance. In this culture, the value of truth is underestimated. People tend to go with the both/and way of dealing with truth. Like: "It's truth for you, but it's not true for me." I think that some things are right and some things are wrong, but not both at the same time. Also, it was revealed to me that the reason why truth is so important is because it doesn't matter what we believe. What matter is what is true. That's why we have to be careful when we examine what is seen as true.

Okay, so there you go! Information dumps are seen as a big no-no in the fictional wiring world, but they're fun to write every so often. By the way, my beautiful sister, Ellie, took that picture of the sky, not me.

Do you like sour cream? Do you write? What's your opinon on truth? Comment and tell me please! I'd love to hear it.


  1. Wow, congrats on 50 followers! I'm at 49 right now I think! ;P I actually don't like sour cream, haha!

  2. Great post! Congrats on the 50 followers! You're blog is worth having that many! Yes, I absolutely love sour cream!!

  3. Loved hearing more about you :) Congrats on 50! I remember when I hit 50, and I was so excited. Hitting milestones always makes me really happy, and I just can't wait to hit 100!


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