Friday, August 21, 2015

when i feel like a failure {part 1}

the well-known truth of life is that
No matter who you are
what you have achieved
or what you own
there will be times when you...
feel like a failure.
I can relate to this.
Because lately... I feel like I failed.
And the truth is
I do.
I fail significantly.
As a daughter.
As a sister.
As a friend,
 and the list goes on and on, you know?
But more than any of that,
I fail as a child of God.
I think terrible thoughts.
I practically invite disgusting ideas into my head.
I don't focus on Jesus,
Not as nearly as He deserves.
I am selfish. I am proud.
I. Am. A. Failure.

as much as I wish I could the truth,
I really can't.
Sometimes truth is like a smack in the face.
It hurts.
It's sudden.
And you a lot of times,
You can't avoid it.
So what you can do about it?



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In Christ,