Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Poem About...

This is a poem I wrote for Literature Class. This is my first time taking Literature and it's already my favorite subject. It was inspired by William Blake's style of poetry, among other things. I wrote it about how the meaning of justice has been twisted in our country. It's heavy, but I hope it makes you think.

We say we are the land of the free;

But sometimes I feel we are too dense to see

The sorry, the pain, the unjust happenings

All in the name of liberty


Innocent voices, small and frail, are shut out

While we live happily, without any doubts.

Do we have compassion? Do we have sense?

Good is forgotten for the sake of convenience


Things that used to be shameful are put in the light.

The darkest, disgusting things now seem to be bright.

And if, by chance, you happen not to agree,

You are judgmental, but it is not what it seems.


I wish they could possibly know

The consequences of what they have sown,

The pain they have caused for generations to come,

If it makes you happy, then you may hurt someone.


By no means, do not cease to tell them

That right has been twisted and good is seldom.

Yet we still say we are the land of the free;

But justice has gone and so has liberty.

My awesome dad decided to publish this in his weekly article for the newspaper. (not our local newspaper) He also added some comments that I've decided to put on here. My dad is a great writer and his teaching is one of the inspirations to this poem. I would be so delirious without him.

Dad’s comments:  The type of liberty promoted in pop culture still has rules and control.  While the freedom to sin requires many behaviors, it restricts many others as well.  That is the deception of sin.  It promises every desire satisfied – but can never deliver.  “For when you were slaves of sin, you were free in regard to righteousness (Romans 6:20).”  To live a sinful liberty is to forgo the pleasures of Jesus, forgo receiving and giving mercy, to not grow in divine wisdom.  Sinful liberty opposes the fruit of the Spirit of God: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and longsuffering.  Joy in suffering is foreign to a devout sinner.

When we are free from what is right, we are slaves to what is wrong.  When we are slaves to what is right, we are free from the power and allure of sin.  Either way, we are controlled by a power greater than us.

Christian liberty includes limits and boundaries as well.  Those restrictions save us (and those around us) a lot of pain.  As for choices, the field is wide open to enjoy God’s world as He sees fit.  “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore (Psalms 16:11).”

No one is his own sovereign, for there is only One.    

Thank you for reading! Comment and let me know what you think, please. Thanks:)
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  1. Wow, Sarah, what a powerful poem! I can think of many things it could apply to. You are an amazing writer. I love your dad's comments. Keep up the good work, and keep your eyes on Him. =) <3


    1. Thank you! You post great comments! Yes, I wrote it about a few things. You're an awesome writer too.
      In Christ,

  2. Your poem is amazing... you did a wonderful job, I can tell! :)

  3. Awesome job! I love it. So true.


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