Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Guest Post: Advocate for Orphans

Hey! I’m TW Wright, or Abrielle Lindsay, whichever you would like to call me is absolutely fine! =)
I am a writer and I usually live in Papua, Indonesia (NOT PNG). I blog at a bunch of different places, but the most frequent place is my blog Indonesia Around Me. I have five siblings and a dog (though my girlie is still in Papua). Another little thing about me is that I want to help orphans.
So this is what my post is going to be about. Orphans.

I’ve been reading a blog called Teens Interceding for Orphans—but for short we just call it TIO—for several months and have been inspired to help orphans.
Leah Good, author of TIO, gave me a book called Silent Tears. I read it and was intrigued from the very start. I learned a lot about orphans from that book.
After I finished Silent Tears, Leah had a guest post on her blog. Actually, she had three. But all about the same thing.
A 14 year old homeschooled girl helped two little boys find a home.

As soon as I finished the articles, I knew that I should do something too.
And I still plan to. I’m going to. And I’m going to do it soon. Real soon.
But that’s not the only thing I’m saying.
I’m saying that YOU can do something as well. You can find a child that needs a home and post about that child on your blog. You can advocate for that child.
We may be teens, but we can do big things for God.
I encourage you to read McKennaugh’s posts about how she helped find Viktor and Yuri a home.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you Sarah for letting me post! =)

~TW Wright (or Abrielle Lindsay)~


  1. Very beautiful and encouraging post, Abrielle! I'm glad that you are stepping out to help, and encouraging others to do as well. =) Great job.

    <3 Jessica

    ps. Do you plan on doing any more guest posts on Sarah's blog? Thanks.

  2. It's so special to see you writing about TIO, TW. Thanks so much. <3

  3. I nominated you for the Liebster Award over at my blog1 :)




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