Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Thing Abot Boys

 There are complicated things in the world. Some kinds of math. Science. How our culture views genres of music, calling some music 'country' when it's obviously pop!

But to girls, one of the most complicated things in our life are none other than the opposite gender. When we were little, we saw them as just... weird. We didn't understand them. They were annoying and even disgusting. Maybe they were our playmates and friends, but even then we didn't understand them.

Later in life, maybe as early as your preteen years, something happened. You start to see them as... more. Not as annoying. In fact, they're funny, a little more likable, and even, cute. It's weird to go through this change. I have and it's... strange. Because the same guys you used to see as annoying, weird, and at best, funny, you see as something different. You start to like them. They make you go against your better judgment and make you feel things you never imagined you'd want to feel. But at the same time, you like the change.

At first, this change might just be the weirdest thing you've never experienced. As time passes by, you start to like the feeling. But the problem is that guys are complicated. Sometimes you think this one guy is perfect, but then you figure out some things and you wonder if he's who you think is. Stuff like that is confusing.

Girls and guys being attracted to each other is a gift from God. Even the kind where even though a certain guy makes you mad, you still like him. I mean, think about it. If we weren't attracted to guys like that, we would run away from them when they hurt us. No one would ever get married!

But instead He gave guys and girls a kind of love for each other than can tolerate those kind of things. You know the kind of thing that when someone drives you crazy sometimes, but you still love them no matter what. You do it for more than just because you're attached to their outward appearance. That's the gift God gave us. If we didn't love like it, no one would get married and any of kind of romantic relationships wouldn't last long.

There is a such a thing as taking it too far. Maybe when you're thinking about a guy too much or avoiding them at all cost. No matter what the case, I urge to give it to God. Give your desires to God. If you feel like you shouldn't have them, but you do anyway, ask God to take the desire away. The point is, let God write your love story. Rely on his guidance, not on your own or your friends. Remember that He has a plan for you that He made because he loves you.

No matter what the fairy tales say, love isn't perfect. We hurt guys and they hurt us. Remember, God will never hurt us. Our loves ones may fail us, but He never will. He is the only one that will do that for us. He is always there for us. Unlike most people, He understands us. He will never let us down.

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  1. I'm not on Blogger alot, but I always love reading your posts, Sarah! You have an amazing gift for writing. I'm super impressed! Keep it up! :) -Danae

    1. Thanks a lot Danae! I'm happy God gave me a love for writing!
      In Christ,


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