Monday, December 2, 2013

Music Review Monday #12: Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran)

Once again, I'm reviewing a British dude. No, it's not One Direction. (I won't be doing any of that for awhile) This time I'm going to review another guy who made his big debut to the USA in 2012 with 'The A Team.' His name is Ed Sheeran.

Now Ed Sheeran's style is a little different from most guys. While other men have a lot of loud songs, his music is quiet and soft. It's more acoustic and he has a soft and sensitive voice than is hard to come by. Last year, he penned One Direction's hit, 'Little Things' and this year, he contributed to Taylor Swift's hit, 'Everything Has Changed.' Also, he has been on tour with her all this year.

His latest single from his USA debut album, +, is called 'Give Me Love.' Its a soft rock that is sad. In it, he made the mistake of letting a girl go and speaks of it in his song.

"Give me love like her," he starts off. Immediately, he suggests that when his lover and him were together, they did some sleeping. "'Cuz lately I've been waking up alone/Pain splattered teardrops on my shirt/I told them I'd let you go."

He also sings that in order to take the pain away, he drinks. (In various songs, he mentions drinking) "Maybe tonight I'll call ya/After my blood turns to alcohol/Oh, I just wanna hold ya."

He begs the girl give him a second chance. "Oh, give a little time to me/Or burn this out/We'll play hide and seek/To turn this around/All I want is the taste that your lips allow/Give me love." The song goes on like that until after the second chorus. Crying out in a angry, and even forceful way, "Love me!", he sings, rather screams, this phrase many times. Afterwards, it quiets down and repeats for more than a minutes, "Give me love."

Though I do love Ed Sheeran's style, I must say that many of his songs aren't clean. This song is sweet and pretty, until  when he's practically screaming. It leads me to think he's begging her to be sexual with him, as his many other songs do.

In other songs, there is one popular line, "I can't live without you."  Some breakup songs, like this one, speak of ending their pain by alcohol or partying, but we know this isn't the way. Why do they sing about stuff like that? Because the thing there's trying to please, is the world. In the world, this life is all they have. They don't want to think of other possibility. That's why there's many party songs with lines like, "We sleep when we die."

But the truth is that when you have Jesus, you don't  need anyone else. You don't have to go to drugs or alcohol when someone leaves you, because with Jesus, you don't need anything or anyone. Of course, you dearly love the people around you and your life would be much different without them. But you don't have to fear when they do leave you, because God gives us strength to go on. We don't have trust other things to take our pain away because God is completely satisfying.

While I love Ed Sheeran's style of music, and I do like the chorus of this song, I'm not fond of his music because, though his music is soft and quiet, it talks about sex, drugs, and alcohol. This song isn't much different.

The only song Ed Sheeran song I do know that is clean is 'Lego House.' So you can check that out.

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