Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sequel to The Light and Darkness

This post is based on what my dad and I talked about last night. Most of this was his own thinking and not mine, but it was very convicting to me so I thought I'd post it.

For a long time I've always followed my favorite music star's lives. I always check every day and see if they tweeted anything and I used to look up their name to see if there was any news of them. Call me a stalker, but I'm one of many! Anyway, my #1 curiosity of any star is if they're a Christian or not. I researched on it to see if they ever professed Christ as their Savior. I've talked about this on my blog. But, just think about it, for a moment. My dad made me come to a conclusion.

It is irrelevant!

It's not important whether our favorite Hollywood stars are Christians or not. Let me ask you a question: Why do we like these people? Most of the time (if not all of the time) it's because of their gifts. They might have a amazing voice or they might have been great actors or actresses. They might hate God, but we can still enjoy the gifts that God gave them.

For example, Katy Perry said she sold her soul to the devil, (which, BTW,  doesn't make sense because God owns her soul to begin with) but I still enjoy her music. We can praise God for their gifts.

Of course, there's this whole 'look up to' stars thing. We shouldn't look up to them because we don't know them! Sure, they might seem like good people, but one person can be doing drugs and stuff like that, and have a good public image. Demi Lovato had a great public image and no one suspected she was doing what she was doing. The world is a big eye, but you can hide things from it. We should look up to the people around us, the people we know and see on a regular basic, not the people we see on the scream.

Hey, I'm not saying I don't do this. I do. In fact, I'm not just talking to you. I'm talking to me. Because I do this all the time! I idolize and judge the stars all the time! But the truth is: It isn't worth it. It isn't worth it to idolize stars. It isn't worth it to worry about their Christians or not. To be honest, really, it's none of our business! None of things about their lives are our business. Their work is our business.

It is arrogant for me to say, "She can't be a Christian," or "She has to be a Christian." Why? Because I'm not them. I don't know her heart. Furthermore, I'm not God! Only God knows. Of course, the spiritual background matters, but it isn't important unless we're going to whiteness them or something. We should admire them, but not look up to them.

Again, this is my dad's insight, not mine. But I happen to think it's true. So I'm just going to enjoy their music and not worry about their beliefs anymore.

In Christ,

P.S I just had to post this song because it is awesome and very funny!

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