Monday, February 25, 2013

Still I Sing

Here's a song I wrote a few days ago. I just got this beautiful tune in my head while I was outside one day and then wrote some lyrics for it. When I get better at the guitar, I'll write the music for it. It defines me in a honest way.

Still I Sing

I'm a kind of girl who likes trouble
Who plays double
Who's NOT very lovable.
I'm a kind of girl who has a song to sing.
But is too shy to say anything.
But I guess I'll sing this for You.

Oh God, Jesus
I don't why you even mess with me.
So even though I'm shy,
For you I'll sing.
Oh, God, Jesus
You made me and you redeemed me.
So even thought my life isn't my dream,
Still I'll sing.

I'm not sure what you were thinking
When you made me.
So even though I'm super shy,
You gave me a voice.
So I have no choice.
But to sing.

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