Monday, September 3, 2012

My Weekend

We went walked through a 'hiking' trail with our family who were visiting. It was... interesting. I couldn't enjoy it that much because my loving, faithful dog, Rudo practically dragged me through all of it. He was on a leash.  When will that dog ever learn to slow down?

Our new baby cousin, Austin was the highlight of my whole weekend! He is extremely cute and sweet. A lot has changed since my uncle got married, and I wasn't even sure he ever would!

Amazingly, Austin loved Rudo. He smiled at him and for once, Rudo wasn't getting into trouble! Until... Rudo tried to lick his lips. Poor Austin.

Maybe I should also say poor Rudo. It rained a lot yesterday and  Mom and Dad didn't want him in the house while we had company. The reason is because Rudo just loves people... a little too much.  If a human being shows up at our house, he runs to them, sniff every inch of their body, (and I am serious when I say that) howls his cute little head off, and curls his body up into in a little U shape.

So poor Rudo had to stay on the porch when it was raining. Our porch has a roof, so he didn't get wet and missed out all the fun.

Later that night, Dad did an interpretation of the horrible and self centered Christian band we went to go see last summer. He doesn't like stuff like that, but we found out at the last minute that he won a Christian radio station essay contest. The tickets to the concert were the prize. So we had to go.

During the concert, Dad was mad at first. It was understandable. When the song started, the lead singer ran all around the stage, screamed his head off, and rolled his eyes. He jumped on the side of the drums and on his piano bench. He actually looked like he was on drugs!

Then... when the song was almost finished, he did a 'grand finale.' Jumping on piano, he rolled over and looked like he died until the song ended. Then he got up, smiled, and said, "Thank you. Thank you."

The next band wasn't much better. Thankfully, David Crowsler, the main act, made us all happy we went. He was great!

As you can imagine, all of us laughed our heads off at Dad as he was doing his interpretation. That was probably the highlight of the day, next to Austin of course.

God bless!



  1. The lead singer jumped on his piano bench??


  2. Thank God for a faithful audience who enjoys all my silly impressions and lame jokes. I love you Sarah! Daddy


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