Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Don't Miss It

    Today, my best friend had a little get together for her birthday.. I can't remember why, but suddenly, we were talking about texting someone who is right beside you. Most of the girls said they do it all the time (and yes, I am guilty as well), but no one was scolded for it. Because, why? When cell phones were just coming out, that idea would have been pointless to most. Not so much anymore.

   My iPod has been slowly detereating. It has stopped working, one app at a time, haha. Sure, I do more than my fair share on my latop and Ellie's device, but outside of the house, I'm usually without technology. Honestly, it's truly opened my eyes to see how much we use it. I've seen even the cloest friends ever, sitting next to each other, staring at their screens.

   I've seen how it can affect people, especially if someone happens to be on social media. I love the idea of Instagram, but at times, it causes more problems than I can expect. Suddenly, I'm wishing my pictures were that perfect, longing for friendships I want but don't have, and getting a backstage pass to every get-together I wasn't invited to.

   I would be a complete hypocrite if I called for a technology boycott. But I do think we need to consider what we're missing out. We can think of every reason we want for why we text our friends when we're in the same room together, but let's face it: they're all excuses. Excuses that are keeping us from living our lives. Trust me, I know how useful texting can be. But if we do that more than we actually talk to people, our friendships won't be nearly as solid.

   Worse, they'll be artificial. Just like texting is. It's about as close you can get to the real thing, but it's not the same as talking, really talking. I might be able to read the words, but I can't hear my friend's voice. I can only guess if she's in a good mood or not. Recently, a good friend and I have fallen out of the habit of texting and when I see her in person, I feel distant from her. Sometimes, I scold myself. Is that all our friendship is worth?

   These thoughts remind me of a lady from our old church. I only talked to her a few times, but recently, she was diagnosed with sereve Parkinson's, so bad lost the ability to talk. I barely knew her, but my heart ached as soon as I found out. It made me feel terrible.  There, I was, shutting the world out and listening to music when I could be spending laughing with my family. And there was a lady I knew, who could never laugh again.

  So I challenge you and I challenge myself. Go out of your way this week, to spend time with people. Use your voice to laugh, to encourage others, to brighten someone's day. Think of it this way, if God wanted us just to communicate through a little device and keyboard, He would have made sure everyone had one. But He didn't. He gave us voices. Don't miss your chance to use yours.

So how has technology affected your life? Good stuff and bad stuff, just lay it all out. I'll be happy to chat with you :)
Thanks to everyone who read and commented on my last post, btw.


  1. Wow, Nose. This is so true. Thank you for this!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😗

  2. I think this is a really important post that everyone has to think about. Conversation between human beings in person is so important for pretty much everything in life. Thanks for this. :)

  3. This was really good and you have a way of making somebody want to keep reading. I do agree with everything you say and feel I'm starting to get into the habit of being on my phone too much. I need to take a couple weeks without having a phone, but that's hard!
    Thank you for this post tho. <3 and btw, I'm friends with your sis Ellie, we could be friendzies too!!!


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