Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Life Goal

This week I've been researching an amazing missionary named Amy Carmichael. She was most known for her work in India, but also ministered in other countries, like Japan and Sri Lanka. You see, I have to write a long paper for my writing class and it was my dad's idea to choose her as my subject. Now I see how that has benefited me.

Amy Carmichael is an inspiration to me for many reasons. Bravely, she helped many children escape from the temples of the false gods, which was their prison. Also, she taught the Gospel and was a hope to people whenever she went. Trust me, she went a lot of places. The main reason she inspired me though, is more than that.

Ultimately, she inspires me because she was willing to go anywhere for God. As I learned more about her, it was clear that her goal in life, was to glorify God. It wasn't just something she claimed. Undoubtedly, she wanted to serve Him, not in the way she wanted to, but in the way He wanted her to.

I have different kinds of goals in my lives. There are fun goals, like seeing my favorite singer in concert or going to Washington DC. Also, normal goals. You know, the things everyone wants to do: get married, have kids.

Of course, there's also one special goal. For me it's publishing a book. It's the kind that relates to our personalities. Perhaps making a record or dancing professionally is what you have in mind. It's something that might be unrealistic, but it's fun to dream about. (Not that those things are unrealistic)

What's my point? Well, the thing is that we have a lot of things in mind that we want to do. Disney tells us that dreams can come true if we believe in ourselves. But what if we did something different?

Okay, you might have many life goals and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's good to set goals for ourselves. For a moment, though,
 forget all those goals. Set your mind on one goal: following God's plan for your life. We can get so caught up in what we want to do. Even when our plans aren't bad, we need to let the writer write the story.

Amy Carmichael felt God's call to be single and she was. Now I'm not saying we should be single, but that probably wasn't what she had in mind. God works in mysterious ways and He will surprise us. Quotes from different people say to be brave and be yourself. While some of these things are good, the bravest thing you could ever do is give your life to God.

There is nothing wrong with life goals, but as you are thinking about it, keep one goal in mind. That is following God's plan for your life, no matter where He calls you. That's what truly matters most.


  1. I love this post, Sarah and Ellie! :)
    I awarded you on my blog!!


    1. Thanks so much Noelle! Yeah, I saw the blog! Thank you! (Ellie thanks you too)
      In Christ,


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